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During the nineteenth century, most of the Middle East belonged to the Turkish Ottoman empire. However, people independent of the central authorities in the capital Constantinople controlled much of the region. This made travel for Europeans in the area not only extremely difficult but often very dangerous. Nonetheless, merchants, diplomats, and adventurers occasionally journeyed into this land and returned with tantalizing tales of ancient ruins.

Since most educated people in Europe were schooled in the Hebrew Bible and classical authors, they recognized that many of the sites in the Holy Land, and especially Mesopotamia ancient Iraq , represented the remains of some of the oldest civilizations in the world. Some of the earliest archaeological research was carried out by Claudius Rich — , British Resident in Baghdad from to

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A Nature Research Journal. JUDGING from the marvellous discoveries made within so short a time in the valley of the Euphrates and Tigris, Assyriology promises to be one of the most extensive as well as the most important auxiliaries to the reconstruction of ancient mythology, history, and philology. It is within the memory of the present generation that M. Botta, the French Consul at Mosul, first began the excavations of the buried cities of Assyria, and we can still remember the enthusiasm and also the incredulity with which Europe received the tidings that this savant had actually discovered at Khorsabad, in , the long-lost palaces built by Sargon, about B.

Layard, who began his excavations as soon as M.

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During the ritual, the bride and groom dip their little fingers in a bowl of henna. Their fingers are then connected and tied together by a piece of ribbon. Often, whoever holds the bowl of henna then does a traditional Assyrian dance. Here, the bride gives away little corsages to the family and takes photos with them, much the same as the groom when he is preparing at his own house.

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This paper intends to review the political and ethnic movements that took place along the North-Syrian Euphrates river from the collapse of the Bronze Age political system down to the collapse of the Neo-Assyrian empire, taking, when appropriate, Tell Ahmar-Til Barsib as an illustration of these developments. Four main periods are identified: 1 the transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age, 2 the reconstruction of stable political structures and their significance for the definition of a possible Aramaean culture, 3 the absorption of these structures into an expanding Assyrian empire, 4 the emergence of a cultural koine linking centre and periphery in the last century of the Assyrian empire.

The contradiction was made worse by the fact that Aramaean evidence was very slim and, for the time prior to the Assyrian conquest, totally absent. Various attempts have been made to reconcile the accepted view, based on Neo-Assyrian royal inscriptions, with the available evidence 2 , but the debate is still going on 3. The problem is essentially historical in nature. It concerns archaeology only to the extent that prior knowledge of the possible existence of Aramaeans is necessary for the archaeologists to look for traces of an Aramaean presence in the archaeological record.

Moreover, no archaeologist knows exactly what to look for. Of all this, only lapidary inscriptions directly concern archaeologists.

The Rediscovery of Assyria

The Mongolian government on March 18 announced plans to restore the use of its traditional alphabet by , replacing the Cyrillic script adopted in the s under the Soviets in a move away from Russian influence. The Times of Australia reports that the Mongolian government will take transitional measures to prepare for the full restoration of the traditional alphabet. Just four days prior, Shamiram received an official summons to report to Evin Prison.

This summons occurred after the couple lost their appeal before the courts. For more than 2, years, giant human-made mounds of earth and stone, some as high as a six-story building, have stood in the southwestern suburbs of Jerusalem.

Specifically, with the constitution of the Assyrian empire in the mid-to-late 8 th superseded previous lexical choices, even dating back to Middle Assyrian times. The identification of Tell Ta’yinat with the ancient site of Ki/unalia, a city which.

In Iraq today, there are people who are called by different names, such as Chaldeans, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldo-Assyrians, etc. They all speak the same language, the Syriac language A modern dialect of Aramaic. There are heated debates and doubts about the actual identity of these people. Some writers think that these are all one group of people; others suppose that they are multiple groups of people with different identities, such as the Chaldeans, the Assyrians, and the Syriacs. Some of these groups claim that their current names are the only genuine names; that all other names or identities are a “distraction” of theirs.

As such, they discard other names or identities. In the Kurdish regional government, three of its ministers are from these groups, along with two of its ministers, who are in the central Iraqi government. In this paper, I will attempt to trace the roots of these groups, explicate their relationships, present their various arguments, and propose my own opinion and conclusion on the issue.

Modern Iraq corresponds to Mesopotamia the land between the two rivers–the Tigris and the Euphrates. Civilization emerged in southern Mesopotamia, particularly in Sumer. Cuneiform Edge writing appeared in Mesopotamia about B.

Battle of Nineveh (612 BCE)

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The Battle of Nineveh is conventionally dated between and BC, with BC being the most supported date. Rebelling against the Assyrians, an allied army which combined the forces of By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia.

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Politically, this area alternated between southern domination and independence in the third millennium. The Assyrian King list describes the first rulers in this area as dwelling in tents, i. While northern Mesopotamia was under the control of the Akkadian and Ur III empires, after the collapse of the latter, Assyria went its own way.

Scientific excavation at Kul Tepe, ancient Kanesh, has yielded more than texts identifying the presence of an Assyrian trading colony, which imported finished textiles and lead to trade for copper ores, sometimes in shipments of up to five tons. The fact that these were Assyrians is known only from the texts, written in Assyrian a dialect of Akkadian cuneiform.

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